Thursday, January 3, 2013

its 2013!

Well, first of all, I should say Happy New Year 2013 Everyone!

Time flies! Still, Now, I mean, I feel like living in year 2012.
Time changes, yet, I remain the same.
Still living in the past, where hapiness stays in my memory.

Every year, same things happen in the first few days or even weeks..
Always writing or even typing the "last year" year..
The moment where you will say, sigh! Wrote something wrong and start finding your eraser.


So, what can I say?
It's already 3rd of Jan 2013!
I've said so, time flies!
What the hell happened in this three days?
Who the hell knows?!
Well, I'm not sure even for myself.
Same things happen everyday~
Sleep, Wake up, Bath, Eat, Work, Bath and Sleep again.
Sometimes, if you are lucky, then you'll find something interesting or moment that brights you up!
However, it doesn't appear everytime when you feel dull or sad.
That's why we call them the Miracle Moment!
And this is LIFE.
NOT wonderland or Once Upon A Time... :P

Appreciate what you have, it's real.

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